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Song of the Month for January 2020: Jesus Everywhere!

January 23, 2020 by

For our January 2020 song of the month, Gary Swinger tells us why he and his wife Gillian chose to record this song together:

Eberhard and Emmy Arnold founded the Bruderhof movement back in 1920. But some of Eberhard’s writings that we treasure most date from some years before, when he first met Emmy. Circumstances conspired to keep them apart for three years, and their engagement letters and poems from that time period are alight with a deep faith in Jesus as the basis for their marriage and future life together. Their rallying cry was, “Jesus first, in everything.”

Now as our communities celebrate our one-hundred-year anniversary this June, we think it’s more than fitting to share one of Eberhard’s poems that became a song. Its path to melody is a story in itself:

During the 1970s, my mom, Marlys Swinger, a composer, was given English translations to several of Eberhard’s poems, and she was inspired to set them to music. Our communities have been singing them over the last decades, and the words and music fit together like a hand in a glove! Gillian and I will sing Jesus Everywhere, and I’ll accompany us on my homemade guitar. We’ve been singing it all through our forty-three years of marriage. We hope it inspires you to continued joy and faithfulness, whatever this new year brings you! 

Gary and Gillian

Listen on SoundCloud.

Jesus everywhere!

The love of Jesus goes with us
Where'er we may be going.
The Savior stands beside us here,
His loving mercy showing.

He stays by us with strength supreme,
He ever gives us powers,
His blessing shall bring victory;
Defeat shall ne’er be ours.

His peace is everywhere
When we have trust that He will feed us,
For Jesus, who is all our joy,
On fields of peace will lead us.

In every place we are, we feel
Our very life is Jesus;
So everywhere his praise resound!
Unto Himself He’ll raise us.

Victorious is the Christian’s race,
In joy is all his living,
O come ye all, in throngs now come,
To Jesus praise be giving. 

Breslau, July 11, 1907

Listen to Comfort and Joy, another song by Eberhard Arnold with music by Marlys Swinger

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