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Song of the Month for June 2019: The Mountains Hold Their Secrets

June 28, 2019 by

It’s almost the end of June, and if you haven’t hit the mountain trails yet this summer, you are either unconscionably busy, or you don’t like hiking – which is plausible. This new Song of the Month however, should speak to everyone’s inner nomad. Bruderhof members Margaret Potts and Erika Hildel (who, incidentally, enjoy hiking) wrote this song, “The Mountains Hold Their Secrets,” several decades ago and it’s been part of our Bruderhof summer repertoire ever since.


Listen on SoundCloud.

Here are the lyrics:

The mountains hold their secrets;
Though we walk a hundred times
Along the mountain pathways
Hanging thick with crimson vines,
Through green of forest shadow
To the open mountain heights,
We’ll always find new wonders there
And share in new delights.
The stars on water’s surface
Where it dances through the sun,
The murmur and chuckle
And the roaring of its run,
The hidden springs that silently
Feed lichen, moss, and fern,
The lofty storm-flung treetops
That will twist and toss and churn;
The pink-veined sorrel flower
Treasured deep in forest dense,
The view from sudden look-out rock
Spread distant and immense,
The boulders piled in careless heap
Below a towering cliff,
The soaring of a falcon
Or the vulture’s spiral drift.
The beauties of the mountain trail
That wait around each bend
Are more than anyone of us
Can ever comprehend.
And so we’ll hike together
Up each winding mountain way,
Leaving secrets for tomorrow,
Finding secrets for today.

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