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The Day I Received My Ring

June 13, 2018 by

Enjoy the next letter to Kiera from our blogger Eva. This letter is part of a series.

two hands with rings
Hans-Peter and Eva's wedding rings. Photograph taken on their wedding day, 1989.

Dear Kiera,

Today I’m going to tell you why the ring I wear is on my finger to stay.

When Hans-Peter told his friends he was moving to the Bruderhof in England, they asked, “So why are you leaving?”

“I think I’ve found the place I’ve been looking for, where people live together and help each other,” he said.

Of course he had to work hard to learn English. Did I tell you that Hans-Peter had failed English in ninth grade? “With every German word you speak you are messing up the little English you know,” Don, one of the Bruderhof members at Darvell, told him. “Stick with English.”

There were lots of more important things to learn than English, though. Have you ever helped make hot cereal or cook eggs for breakfast? Old Alf, who lived at Darvell, no longer managed everything himself so Hans-Peter helped him with his cooking and housekeeping.

In place of earth balls and his youth group in Germany, it was softball and kickball with the young people’s group at Darvell. Once a ball hit him in the face and he got a black eye – ouch! Working and hikes, singing and campfires, reading and discussing problems. And finding friends, like you do, I suppose.

On his way to work, Hans-Peter sometimes passed me outdoors where I was caring for a group of three-year-olds. By then he was twenty-five and thinking about marriage. He talked with the pastor, Christoph Arnold, telling him what and whom he was thinking about. “Invite her to go on a walk with you,” Christoph suggested. And he did, just like I told you about in my last letter!

Often we met after work. One Saturday afternoon we discovered a cherry and a birch tree side by side on the edge of a field. We went there often after that. Although they didn’t look the same, their branches interlaced against the sky. Like our lives, I thought.

A ring has no beginning and no end. Like God’s love.

A couple of months later Hans-Peter said, “Eva, I don’t think a letter will come fluttering down from heaven telling us that we are meant for each other.” But in our hearts we knew.

We got engaged and everybody celebrated with us! Lots of good food, singing and laughing, joy all around. I was so excited that I could hardly eat a bite!

Three weeks later came our wedding day. Bright June sunshine. Hans-Peter at my side. His family and many of his friends came, and “my” group of three-year-olds led our wedding procession, sprinkling flower petals in front of us as we walked. Have you ever done that?

The wedding was outdoors and the two of us sat under an arch of flowers. I wore a garland of white blossoms. We made our promises and held hands. I am Mrs. Eva Hormann now!

Then Hans-Peter put a gold ring on my finger, and I put a gold ring on his finger. Just think – a ring has no beginning and no end. Like God’s love.

Now you know why this ring is on my finger to stay!

Love from your pen pal,



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Eva Hormann portrait

Eva Hormann

Eva and her husband, Hans-Peter, live at Beech Grove, a Bruderhof in England.

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  • Very sweet and simple. Eva shares her message of joy. Please say hello to her from me. Thanks

    Mel (Melchior) Fros