The Flowered Road

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All we know about this song (besides its lilting tune) is that it was originally in French – “La route fleurie” or “The flowered road” – and that both the lyrics and the tune were written by a certain Jean Dumas. (We’re fairly sure that this is not the nineteenth-century chemist of the same name, known for his pioneering work on atomic weights and molecular masses, but one never can tell.) In any case, the poetry of the open road has always been attractive to those youthful at heart, and when spring arrives, what better time to get outdoors and enjoy it?

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The road’s hedged with blossom,
The summer sky is blue,
Our hearts are rejoicing,
We’ll tramp the whole day though.
Walking on always, hand in hand always,
On the fairest road of all;
It’s the time of year when the birds sing clear,
It’s the time of year for youth.
The mist lies on the mountain
Like hazy wreaths of white.
The branches tremble softly
‘Neath valley breezes bright.
And summer scents are rising
From out the forest’s gloom.
The hillside bursts with blossom
Where tremble gorse and broom.
Till gently evening shadows
Advance across the sky,
And earth and all its creatures
In peaceful slumber lie.

a group of young people mountain climbing

Vocals: Doreen Arnold, Jennifer Zimmerman, Rebecca Boller
Piano: Lenora Hofer
Guitar: Natanya Boller
Bass: Seth Swinger
Drums: Eberhard Shegram

Recorded in Woodcrest, May 2017.

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  • Nicely done! What a sweet and clear soprano up there :)

    Mark Anderson