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Happy New Year Voices Blog Readers!

We want to thank all of you who have joined (or in many cases, remained faithful patrons of) the Voices Blog community during 2017 – it has certainly been an eventful year. Here’s a list of 2017’s top ten most-read blog posts. Did you read them all? (If not, no offense taken, but here’s your chance to catch up.)

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Red Zimmerman interviewed Christian singer Audrey Assad about music, singing, suffering, grief, and hope. (There are two parts to this piece; read them both.)


New York City Police Detective Steven McDonald died in January; the day before he passed Johann Christoph Arnold wrote this moving tribute in appreciation of McDonald’s legacy and the years they spent working alongside one another.


Danny Meier wrote a piece on the meaning of separation of church and state, urging readers to Jump From the Train.


After the tragic fire in London that took seventy-one lives and shattered many more, Bernard Hibbs asked, Where Was God at the Grenfell Tower?


Emily Hallock’s popular piece Who Would Have Stopped Hitler? dealt with the importance of active pacifism as a Christian habitus.


This spring, Rod Dreher’s new book The Benedict Option caused ripples in many circles. Our editor Red Zimmerman compiled a popular post highlighting the book’s top ten quotes.


A piece about Dr. Alice von Hildebrand by Rebekah Domer (the September installment from her series on Living the Beatitudes) was also widely read and shared.


Responding to the New York Times’s controversial article about “planned death,” Reuben Zimmerman wrote Taking Death Back: A Closer Look at Faith, Suffering, and Suicide, which holds down the place of third most-read.


Perhaps the most important and impactful event of 2017 for all of us here at the Bruderhof was the death of our senior pastor, Johann Christoph Arnold. His son J. Heinrich Arnold paid tribute to his father in our second-most read post of the year.


And the announcement of Johann Christoph’s passing, by our elder Paul Winter, was number one.

Again, thank you to all of you for your continued support. Wishing you all the best for next year; here’s to the new year of 2018 and all the posts waiting to be written and read therein!


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  • Johann Christoph Arnold is in the heaven waiting for us. We miss him much

  • I love reading all the blogs Wishing everyone a very very Happy New Year and Much Love