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Top Ten Blog Posts of 2018

December 31, 2018 by

Happy New Year, Voices Blog Readers!

The numbers are in: here are the top ten blog posts of 2018. At least you, our readers, thought so, as these were the most-read posts published this past year. Thank you both to our bloggers and to our readers for many dynamic conversations throughout 2018. Here’s to many more in the new year!

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If you haven't read them all, you can catch up now.


When his daughter was born this June, Derek Zimmerman wrote “Rainbow Child: Sun after the Storm,” about the experience of new life after losing their first baby.


In February, Ann Morrissey shared one of her favorite poems, “The Chief Thing” by Philip Britts, and discovered new meaning in it.


In May, Ian Barth asked: “Harry and Meghan: Should We Care?” It seems a lot of people did.


Food was popular this year. Norann Voll wrote on “The Lost Art of Crash Grazing” and why we should rediscover it.


Chris Zimmerman’s tribute to a friend, “Because of Dave,” dealt with loss, forgiveness and redemption.


Charles E. Moore responded to a popular Timothy Keller op-ed with “Christians Don’t Fit into the Political System. Period.


My Seven Sisters: Honoring the Women in My Life” by Norann Voll was the perfect piece to celebrate International Women’s Day.


A year after losing a baby, Brenda Snavely shared her “Thoughts on My Daughter’s First Birthday,” which touched many. 


In “Is This Church? Losing Table Fellowship,” Charles E. Moore challenged churches to move beyond Sunday mornings to a fuller expression of the Gospel.


And Emily Hallock wrote what was our most popular post this year, a powerful tribute to her father, and “The Witness of Same-sex Attracted Christians.”


Thank you again, and Happy New Year from the Bruderhof Web Team.


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