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Two Songs for July

July 25, 2017 by

We’ve got a treat for you this month: not one song, but two! Many of our families, especially those with young children, love to sing together in the evenings before tucking the kids into bed. It’s not important whether you’re musical or can sing; only that you put your heart (and a wide open mouth) into it. As you can hear in these two songs, that’s what makes them worth listening to.

Listen on SoundCloud.

Who doesn’t love to run down a sandy beach during their summer vacation? That’s the idea of our first song, “Silver Sands,” sung by the Bazeley family in Spring Valley. The words are by Ivy O. Eastwick and the tune is by our very own matriarch of music, Marlys Swinger.

Hudson Swinger with his hat on

Come for a run by the silver sea,
Come in the sunlight with me, with me.
The sands are silver beneath the sky –
More silver above them the seabirds fly.
Let us go running away together
All in the spray-flying,
Wind-sighing weather.



Our second song is introduced by Maureen Swinger. She’s the mother of the kids who performed it. The Swinger family lives at Fox Hill.

Our son spends his summer under a big Australian cowboy hat – think Man from Snowy River. He’s almost eight – what a great age to imagine the dusty miles of trail, the chuck-wagon call, and the lonesome cowboy singing a lullaby to his restless herd as he watches a distant storm fade into night.

He’s the guy playing the drum for his favorite goodnight song, Badger Clark’s classic “Roundup Lullaby.”

Listen on SoundCloud.

Avianna Swinger

Desert blue and silver in the still moonshine,
Coyote yappin’ lazy on the hill,
Sleepy winks of lightnin’ on the far sky-line,
Time for millin’ cattle to be still.
So, now the lightnin’s far away,
The coyote’s nothin’ skeery,
He’s singin’ to his deary,
Hee-ya, tamma-la-le-day,
Settle down you cattle till the morning.
Hear the hoot-owl callin’ from the far-off trees,
Night is clear beneath the moonlight pale,
Coffee-smell is comin’ on the evenin’ breeze,
From the campfire yonder in the vale.
So, now the lightnin’s far away,
The bullfrog’s nothin’ funny,
He’s singin’ to his honey,
Hee-ya, tamma-la-le-day,
Settle down you cattle till the morning.

Our youngest daughter is the one who wanted to sing the line about the bullfrog.

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  • I respect the effort of sister Marlys Swinger. There is no limit to serve people. We need to do something good for making people to feel peace. And we need to work until the end of our life.

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