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Life in Community

Welcoming a New Little One

December 7, 2015 by

When a new baby is born to a family on the Bruderhof, we welcome her by gathering to sing lullabies and take a peek at someone who might not yet be twenty-four hours old. As favorite songs like “We thank you, loving God” and “Little bit of heaven, baby dear, that’s you” waft from the center of our community, I skip out of the viewing line and walk around behind the family to get this shot. Dan, the proud father, holds little Bethia Pauline while big brother looks on with mom Kate. Even through the glass doors, I can hear the singing, and sure enough, the little one stayed in dreamland until everyone got a look.

Proud parents showing their new baby girl to smiling friends and neighbors outside the window


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  • beautiful...babies are sure gift treasure and gift from God.

  • congratulations!!!!!!!

    D WOOD