What’s Christmas without Cookies?

December 18, 2015 by

Christmas time is cookie time; our German heritage forbids that it be otherwise.

There’s always Lebkuchen, Nussecken, Pfeffernüsse, and Stollen. But that’s not all; our lexicon of other multi-cultural cookies includes Macaroons, Mexican Wedding Cakes, Biscotti, Springerle, and of course the standard favorites such as Chocolate Chip, Christmas Crunch, and Chocolate Oatmeal.

And the best afternoon of the season is the one when the workshops empty out and everyone comes to the kitchen to help roll out cookies. Nothing beats sitting around a table, talking, and rolling cookies together.

Old age does not impede the resurrection of a simple skill first mastered in kindergarten around tubs of play dough. This picture of an afternoon cookie rolling project, taken in 2005, holds special Christmas memories for many. Four of the grandfathers in this picture have since passed on. The others, doubtless, are still rolling…

A group of Grandfathers sitting around a table and rolling cookies together


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  • This is so very beautiful I am also in the same age bracket and it would make me feel great to be able to participate Maybe next Christmas?