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Wild Asters Bloom Again

September 29, 2017 by

There’s a number of disparate opinions out there about what constitutes a great fall song. Some people like the rollicking, feisty tunes that exemplify the onset of fall’s brisk, vibrant weather, while other prefer more somber tunes lamenting summer’s gradual demise. This month’s song is definitely of the latter nature; it’s a translation of a melancholic French tune, “Colchiques dans les prés,” by Francine Cockenpot, for the turning of the season.

Listen on SoundCloud.

Wild asters bloom again
In meadows, in meadows;
Wild asters bloom again,
Now summer’s on the wane.
Leaves falling in autumn,
Blown by the wind around,
In gold and russet patches
Fall turning to the ground.
Brown chestnuts in the wood
A-crackling, a-crackling,
Brown chestnuts in the wood
Are trodden underfoot.
Grey clouds are racing by,
Low flying, low flying,
Grey clouds are racing by
Across the autumn sky.
And always this refrain,
A-murm’ring, a-murm’ring,
And always this refrain
Gives hope of life again.

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  • Tommy! thanks for your kind words. We remember well the times you visited our communities and our family - we played jigs and reels and Irish peace songs in our living room with you. You and Peter Seeger were huge inspirations to our children – you showed us how music can be used to make the world a better place. We thank you so much for planting that seed in the next generation. Your friends the McKernan Family

    Joe McKernan
  • Thank you for sharing Joseph! Such a moving piece that touched my soul. I learned Twinkle, Twinkle on Grandpa's "fiddle" and lugged that instrument twice a week to Buttonball Lane Elementary for lessons. Glad it survived and has been well played by your family. Love to all!

    Beth Giacoma
  • Beautiful songs, great talent with a wild and wonderful tenderness...well done Donal, Geordie, Joe and all this friendly and most hospitable family. TS.

    Tommy Sands