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Whom Do You Seek?

April 18, 2019 by

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painting of the garden tomb by Bruderhof member Rita Wegner
Chris and Bea Zimmerman

Chris Zimmerman

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From Red Earth: A New Story of Hate and Healing in Rwanda

April 10, 2019 by

“Why is Plough bringing out a book on the Rwandan genocide?” a friend asks, “There are so many out there already!” “I don’t...

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They Are Us: Lessons from Christchurch

April 9, 2019 by

The eyes of the world turned to Christchurch, New Zealand, in the aftermath of the deadly mosque shootings on March 15 that...

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Rwanda’s Hidden History

March 21, 2019 by

“I don’t know how they do it,” she said. “This lady – her husband and all her kids were killed by this young man, and he...

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