For Thine is the Kingdom

June 2, 2014 by

“For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power and the glory for Ever and Ever, Amen!” sang 110 of us on stage. As the amen faded, my thoughts went back five months to when I first had the idea of inviting the London Welsh Male Voice Choir to join us at the Darvell Community...

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I’ve listened to several albums of the Welsh Male Voice choirs singing hymns and spirituals and found their renditions of both old time spirituals and folksongs alike to be significant and powerful. As he battled cancer three years ago, Richard Scott, the senior pastor of our communities, made listening to this choir a special experience for me. Richard would listen to the Welsh Male Voice Choirs often and with the volume turned far higher than your average listener as the words of “thine is the Kingdom” began to crescendo in their ringing version of The Lord’s Prayer by Mallote.

Inspired by this memory, I picked up the phone last December and rang the secretary of the LWMVC, told him of Richard’s story, and expressed my wish to organize an evening of singing in Darvell with their choir and our community. I mentioned Richard’s family, several of whom live here at present. He thankfully agreed!

The day of May 17th arrived beautiful and sunny, and by early afternoon there were sixty members of the choir, accompanied by family and friends, enjoying tea and cake on the lawns at Darvell and being hosted by Darvell residents.

What followed were two hours of fabulous singing, prayer, fellowship, and joy in one another’s company. Over one hundred of those who came down with the LWMVC and all 250 members of the Darvell community, from old to young, spent the last hour of the evening enjoying a BBQ dinner complete, with spontaneous eruptions of “Calon Lan” and “Bravo Bravisimo” from the visiting choir. I can’t remember a time when we had so many visitors in our large dining hall with such a rousing chorus from all sides. The enthusiasm for singing simply infected everyone present. The climax of the event occurred as the evening drew to a close: all forty members of the Darvell men’s choir squeezed onto stage with our visitors and sang The Lord’s Prayer together. Imagine that! Singing with one of the world’s most famous men’s choirs, soon due to host the biggest male choir event in the world at the Albert Hall! This was really a night to remember. 

The following day I received an email from one of the choir members: I had the great privilege of being part of the choir that performed with you last night. I have never experienced such warmth, hospitality and fellowship in all my time with the choir. I would like to express my sincere thanks for a fabulous day and hope that we may return. A truly memorable day.

A truly memorable day indeed. Thanks again to the London Welsh Male Voice Choir for coming, and may the sound of music and praise continue to ring out both here and all around the world.


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