Humility: How 2019 Could Be Different

January 2, 2019 by

As a new year begins, we need to imagine what the universe could be – indeed should be. What if we had a world full of humble people?

I guess there’d be no more war, because people would have the humility to negotiate and make peace.

There would be no more divorce, since husband and wife would find the humility to forgive each other – and also the humility to seek counseling when needed.

We can only assume there would be no more grinding poverty, since the rich would not consider themselves more worthy of the earth’s treasures than others, and the poor would be humble enough to ask for help and drop their bitterness against the rich.

There would be no more racism, since humility means a deep and gleeful appreciation of other people, and peoples.

We would have a united and fruitful approach to environmental problems, since greed, the engine of waste, only survives in the presence of overweening arrogance. (What fun that’s gonna be, tree planting in northern Afghanistan with dancing round the fire every night!)

Nobody will waste time on drastic and unnecessary transformative surgery because everyone will be humble enough to know that the Creator made them with great wisdom and they should be proud of who they are.

If everyone would be endowed with sufficient humility we would be scintillatingly happy, because what makes us unhappy is demanding things we do not have instead of enjoying what we do have.

boy snow shoveling

Everyone would have a sense of purpose and a worthy goal in life, because humble people are able to listen, and they seek everywhere for the best way to serve the most worthy cause.

People would walk tall and proud because humility of heart makes us happy with who we are as well as willing to see where we can change.

Well, if humility is so exciting and important, why isn’t it mandated by law? That’s because humility is a gift that cannot be forced.

But it is given by the Spirit and we can open our hearts to it. Today, not tomorrow. This year, not just the next.


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Simon Mercer

Simon Mercer

Simon Mercer is a free-thinking Anabaptist, would-be poet who lives at the Maple Ridge Bruderhof.

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  • God has made thing so easy for us to understand but we make big arguments and in the process loose the simple truth. If we would just have this one thing "humility" in our lives, it would be such a wonderful world.

    Austin Dayal
  • Dear friend Simon, I have read thy letter now perhaps 5 times, 6? It has so touched my soul. Thou must have been moved by the Spirit to pen this. I will continue to meditate on thy work. It has deeply revealed to me how flawed I am as a professed Christian. Thou has done well my friend.

    Jack Soldano