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No Religious Litmus Tests

September 8, 2017 by

Here’s our latest podcast episode:

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Further discussion of the Nashville Statement in response to a listener’s questions about the much-debated Article 10: what does the statement leave out and whether the signers are consistent in applying all of Jesus’ teachings in their lives. Peter objects to anyone being in the business of determining who is a “real Christian and Bernard wonders whether it’s o.k. to work with Christians who promote sin. There’s also a discussion of the attempt at community living documented in the abandoned BBC Channel 4 programme “Eden: Paradise Lost and why such attempts are doomed to “Lord of the Flies type failure. Then: what makes George Fox an inspiration to members of the Bruderhof? What is a Quaker steeple-house? (This is part of a continuing discussion of the document Foundations of our Faith and Calling, the Bruderhof’s public account of its faith and practice).

Here are some of the links and references from this episode:

Nashville Statement
A Statement from Christian Ethicists on Preventive War and the North Korea Crisis
“Ethicists for Peace Speak Out – So Should We” by Charles E. Moore
Eden: Paradise Lost
J.R.R. Tolkien reads The Hobbit
Beyond the Weir Bridge by Hester Burton
All Out War by Tim Shipman
Gorbachev: His Life and Times by Prof. William Taubman
Foundations of our Faith and Calling

Listen on SoundCloud.


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  • I have no idea who will get into heaven, but I do believe that God’s infinite mercy extends to all people, including those who never had the chance to hear about Jesus. Jesus’ words in the parable of the sheep and goats in Matthew 25 are very encouraging in this respect. Thank you for listening! Marianne

  • Hi, I have a question for clarification, in this weeks issue there is a lady who is now living in Western PA, and she makes a statement around the 14:07-27 mark where she says she believes that Jesus will welcome the righteous pagan who never knew Jesus seemingly and yet were working for there good? I wonder where this lady gets this from the Bible? If you don't know Jesus and this know is to be experienced as a knowing of personhood. I really thought you folks were in line with the Bible, please explain her comments? Do you really think good works gets anyone to heaven, if so, what about the blood of Jesus? Regardless, bless you, I would like a response if possible. In the Fathers Love Tim

    Tim Wright