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Get Rid of Capitalism

November 10, 2017 by

Bernard and Veery discuss if Christians should be communists and why millennials are criticizing capitalism. They also answer some questions from listeners and talk about why Hudson Taylor's approach to mission was revolutionary and can speak to us still today. Bernard asks listeners to write in and vote Peter off the show (he was experiencing technical difficulties and couldn't record) and also comment on the reduced length of the podcast. Marianne (who is traveling) and Peter will be back next week.

Listen on SoundCloud.

Here are some of the links and references from this episode:

Get Rid of Capitalism? Millenials Are Ready to Talk About It
Are Christians Supposed to Be Communists?
Kids are living with their parents longer. It's a good thing.
Everyone Belongs to God
Fare Forward
If My Moon Was Your Sun
Foundations of our Faith and Calling

If you've missed previous episodes, here's our playlist:

Listen on SoundCloud.


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