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We Must Work for Respect, Friendship, and Unity

November 9, 2016 by

The election now is over. To the surprise of many, Donald Trump won and will now become our forty-fifth President. Let us be reassured that no matter how contentious this election was, God was there all along, and led us through it. What is important now is that we do not forget where our real help comes from, especially if there is now a time of political upheaval and economic uncertainty.

The only answer is that we return to a living faith in God, and to the commandments to love him with all our heart and mind and soul, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. If we truly do this, we will have a chance to recover the firm footing on which our nation was first founded, and once again become a symbol of stability and hope for the rest of the world.

group of children and adults making music together

This is also the only way that we will be able to rediscover the vision that our forefathers had when they gave us the Constitution and the structure of government needed for society to flourish. This is the America that welcomed me and my family when we arrived in this country some sixty years ago.

It is no secret that our country remains sharply divided. All the same, it is up to each one of us to work for respect, friendship, and unity in our homes, churches, schools, and places of work. Years ago, George H. W. Bush spoke of a thousand points of light. As people of faith, we know what this light is, and where it comes from, and we need to ask and pray that each one of us carries it as we now go forward.


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Johann Christoph Arnold and his wife, Verena

J. Christoph Arnold

Johann Christoph Arnold was a senior pastor of the Bruderhof, founder of Breaking the Cycle of Violence, and the author of...

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  • How do you reconcile trump’s reverence of the dictator Kim jung un? A tyrant and murderer of his own brother and the North Korean people? Hardly Christian to say the least.

    Darla hoskins
  • The "firm footing" on which the United States was founded involved the terrible and tragic destruction of a great people, their way of life, and complex codes of civilisation. Total and brutal disregard for human life and destruction of natural can this be called a "firm footing"?

    Esther Landymore
  • Jesus loves us with a double vision: how we will become in Him, and how we are. As Christians we are called to permit Christ to incarnate His love in our life. Called to love God with our mind , will and strength in the world but not of the world. The Bruderof's search for truth encourages me to share my thoughts on the election and why I believe God is guiding his people in the way of truth. True, there is a breach that only God can span but it appears that love demands that he create us free, and in freedom we cooperate in His creative and redemptive work. The US is split almost in half between continuing in the way we were going or choosing something different and the democratic process chose something different. In the history of salvation God uses imperfect instruments to accomplish his will. People are prone to overlook many things in a candidate if they espouse their prior concern. For me this overriding concern for many was the question of abortion. I can feel with those who were with the losing candidate because i know how I would have felt if Hilary had won.

    Edward Hearn
  • We must work for respect ,friendship and unity. Yes I agree on that. Everyone of us will die someday And the life is so short that there is no much time to live in peace and brotherhood. We all are losing something day after day. We must try to understand each other and learn to live together in peace and in brotherhood wherever we live and whoever we are.

    metin erdem
  • This blog post effaces the despicable and un-Christian hatred -- racial, misogynistic, xenophobic, antisemitic -- that lay behind the Trump victory. How can you, the leader of the Bruderhof, not denounce the many utterances of Donald Trump and his supporters that directly contravene scripture? How can you possibly say that God led the outcome? A Trump victory was the work of the devil and mammon, the impulses behind it something that true Christians will denounce.

    Elliott Piros
  • This blog is beautiful and right on. Hopefully we are finally on the right path. It's nice to have hope in achieving this goal. Dan

    Dan Mulvey