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March 19, 2020 by

love graffiti

All of a sudden, the world is in crisis. Of course for the Rohingya, Syrian refugees, people of Yemen, and many of the world’s children it’s been in crisis for a long time. But now we face a disease that infects the rich and famous as well as all the rest of us in the Western world. Everyone is up against the same brick wall.

This is actually a good place to be. We can no longer distance ourselves from world need, unless we retreat to a cave in the wilderness of Wyoming. But then depression would get us. 

Now we all have a glorious opportunity – a choice – to serve the old gods of self-pity and grumbling, filth and vengeance, despair and cruelty, war and injustice, racism and slavery, drugs and prostitution, child abuse, and neglect of the old and those with disabilities. Or we can choose to serve an older and nobler force—love. Love requires trust and freedom, decency and peace of heart, mutual respect, and continuous joy. The God who created the universe is all love. It is a love we have resisted without knowing it, every time we refused to forgive or plodded along in half-hearted apathy or miserly bitterness.

It is never too late to jump on the love train. We don’t have to wait for anyone else; each of us can climb aboard. The fruits of love will benefit everyone: health and hope; better teamwork and the satisfaction of proper priorities; and spending time with your children, neighbors, and the elderly out in nature.

So meet you at the station. The tickets are free!


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Simon Mercer

Simon Mercer

Simon Mercer is a free-thinking Anabaptist, would-be poet who lives at the Maple Ridge Bruderhof.

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