Sannerz Community • Sannerz, Germany

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Sannerz Gemeinschaft
Lindenstraße 13
36391 Sinntal-Sannerz
Tel: 06664 402498

Established: 2002

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About Us:
The Bruderhof movement started in this house in 1920, and we were excited to be able to reacquire it in 2002. It’s a powerful experience to see the surroundings in which our early years took place, to imagine the youth conferences, struggles for harmonious relationships, and intense expectation and enthusiasm for a new way to live out faith in God. Having this house enables our members from around the world to become re-inspired through visits here. Currently this location acts as a supportive household for young adults attending local universities and trade schools, doing apprenticeships, or participating in volunteer programs. Several of the students attend technical schools in Schlüchtern, Fulda, Gelnhausen, and Frankfurt, focusing on subjects, such as farming, butchering, roofing, carpentry, shoemaking, and German accounting and tax law.

Our property actually consists of two houses, a large yard, garden, and small orchard. We are located at the edge of the small village of Sannerz, surrounded by hills, farmland, and beech and pine woods. There are many walking paths nearby, and we are within walking distance of three castles, as well as the Steffanskuppe, a knoll known for its unique trees and flowers. Just a ten-minute drive away is Steinau, a quaint town home to the famous Brothers Grimm.

Connecting with Neighbors:
We participate in and sometimes volunteer for the festivals, markets, and musical performances taking place in the village, schools, churches, and castles. These give us the opportunity to build relationships with our wider neighborhood. Community service is also integral to our daily life and schedule, and we contribute our time to a local food bank and visiting with house-bound neighbors.

Point of Interest:
Bruderhof founders Eberhard and Emmy Arnold signed a ten-year rental agreement for this house in 1920. They moved in over a five-month period, one room at a time. By 1927, the house was already too small for the growing group, so all the members moved out and to a larger place in the Rhön area, several miles away. The house continued as a rental until 1979, though Germany’s Ninth Infantry Division quartered in the house from 1940–1, and U.S. Army soldiers lived there from 1945–6.

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

The Bruderhof has an open-door policy. No matter who you are, we are delighted to meet and spend time with you. Bruderhof communities host both drop-in and overnight guests every week. Some visits are purely social; others are deep explorations of faith and possible membership. Some visits involve barbecues and children’s activities; others revolve around spiritual conversations and guidance. Whatever your visit will be, we look forward to getting to know you! (Due to space and staff limitations, our smaller urban locations are unable to accommodate many visitors, particularly for overnight stays, but still feel free to get in touch if you wish to visit and we can talk.)

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