Hiwassee Community • Madisonville, TN

About us:
Hiwassee is the newest Bruderhof location. We are very happy to be able to start a community here on the campus of the former Hiwassee College, which was operated in association with the Methodist Church. We look forward to refurbishing and making use of the college buildings as more families become a part of the community, and hope eventually to have a small elementary school and workshop as part of our community operations.

Madisonville is a city of about five thousand near the Unicoi Mountains, which are part of the famed Blue Ridge mountains. This region was originally settled by Cherokee and the name “Hiwassee” is derived from the Cherokee word “Ayuhwasi” meaning “large meadow”. The Hiwassee campus includes a library, community center, chapel, gym, and stables in addition to residential houses.

Connecting with neighbors:
John Burleson, one of the first Bruderhof residents on the campus along with his wife, Karen, says, “Our move and transition to life here in eastern Tennessee has been an exciting adventure, albeit challenging at times. Moving into this old campus that is clearly steeped in history and fond memories for so many people gives us appreciation and motivation to reclaim, repair, and repurpose the buildings and grounds. It’s kind of like polishing a neglected gem or diamond into something beautiful again. The original school was founded on the principles of educating young people in an idyllic rural setting with wholesome Christian values. Our vision going forward is in many ways similar. We hope that Hiwassee Bruderhof will be a campus where the love of Jesus is felt and nurtured in the care for all who live here but also connecting and partnering with so many others around us who share the hope and belief of the Gospel.”

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to meet and learn more about our plans for the Hiwassee Community.

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225 Hiwassee College Dr
Madisonville, TN 37354
United States

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