Morgantown Community • Morgantown, WV

About Us:
This West Virginia community is a forty-five minute drive from our Pennsylvania-based New Meadow Run and Spring Valley communities. Our settlement is made up of young families and singles. Among other activities, we support Bruderhof members seeking treatment at the university hospital, which is used frequently by our Pennsylvania members.

Morgantown is a diverse college town of about thirty thousand people that doubles in population when school is in session. Our property is a little oasis close to the Health Sciences Campus. We have two houses and a large backyard where we garden, play cornhole, and have barbecues with friends and neighbors. Just a two-minute walk away is public transportation, the university hospital, and WVU’s football stadium, which seats sixty thousand.

Connecting with Neighbors:
We are involved in various student groups at the university, and we volunteer at the hospital, Chestnut Mountain Ranch and other local events. We participate in Bible studies and community events sponsored by other religious organizations in the area. We also host events at our property that are open to the public, such as our neighborhood barbecues and Christmas caroling.

Point of Interest:
We make the best pepperoni rolls in town! And don’t even get us started on our venison paprikash.

Residents describe life at the Morgantown Bruderhof house:

chris kurtz

Chris: Hi, I’m Chris! I moved to Morgantown a year ago with my wife, Vio. After raising seven children and teaching for decades, we are parenting and teaching in a new capacity – as house parents for the fourteen people who live in the two houses here in Morgantown. Living in the city is different; we are both nature lovers. We find ways to get out as much as possible – West Virginia has incredible beauty that my wife tries to capture with her camera. (For an amateur, she’s taken some incredible shots.) We’ve spent hours biking the rail trails and identifying new species of birds, flowers, trees, and bugs.

We love being able to interact with people; it is fantastic to share a meal with fellow seekers and discuss all manner of topics – even if some are over my head. Twice a week, my wife tutors at the Chestnut Mountain Ranch School, a boys’ school whose mission is to restore broken families. In West Virginia, fifty percent of children are raised by their grandparents, and the foster care system is overwhelmed. The boys’ school is an awesome place to connect with people who share our values.

Believe it or not, we have an extensive garden. We have “raised beds” and use the “no till” method. We grow vegetables and flowers, and raise white homing pigeons. We hope to offer a dove release service in the Morgantown area. Just imagine how beautiful it would be to release some pure white pigeons at a wedding, funeral, graduation, or birthday! It’s taken a while for the pigeons to acclimate to their new surroundings. Believe it or not, we are fighting with the local hawks, who seem to think we are raising doves for their benefit! At the moment we have a flock of twelve birds, but three pairs are nesting and we have high expectations that our flock will increase!

The possibilities are endless. We are excited to live here in this community, and get to know Morgantown. You’ve got to come see!

belinda robertshaw

Belinda: Hi, my name is Belinda and I live at Morgantown House, a small intentional community in Morgantown, West Virginia. I have lived here for over a year. Just recently, our community changed from being primarily college students to a group of families and adults. I work at Ruby Memorial Hospital, a five-minute walk from our house. Getting into the hospital and meeting patients is giving me a new perspective on life happening “on our doorstep.” I work with a great hospital staff in the food service department. My day starts at five a.m. and I get home at two o’clock each afternoon, ready to participate in whatever the community has planned for the evening: a barbeque, landscaping, or just hanging out and enjoying our back deck.


Dan: My name is Dan, and my wife, Patty, and I moved to Morgantown almost a year ago. We are putting down roots, once again. We lived in Oregon prior to joining the Bruderhof and we have lived in many different countries and states since then. Joining the Bruderhof was “a God thing” – come visit us and we’ll tell you our story. In return, we’d like to hear yours! 

We love living here in a small house community. We wake up each morning hoping that we will be able to help someone. It is amazing how many requests we get and every request has a story behind it. Where we can, we reach out a hand, and also take time just to listen. 

I’m an avid fisherman – of fish and of men! West Virginians keep a tight lip on their best trout spots, but my good friend Brooks just let me in on his favorite spot.

This year we celebrated our forty-eighth wedding anniversary – it’s hard to believe! We’re parents of six and grandparents of nineteen. I just turned seventy, so I guess I should be retired, but there’s too much work that needs to be done! Helping people is on the top of my list and that keeps me busy at least half of the day. I love working with wood and make patterned cutting boards and other crafts, using all different kinds of wood. We sell these items at our bake and craft sale, which we have every Saturday in our front yard when the weather is warm. It’s a great way to meet our local neighbors and share some of our delicious pies and other items. Meeting people is the priority; selling stuff is a sideline!

Contact Information

977 Northwestern Ave.
Morgantown, WV 26505
United States
Tel: 304-599-3315

Established: 2007

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