Have a question about how we live, or why we do something? Don’t hesitate to contact us, but perhaps you’ll find the answer to your question below. (Many of these issues are discussed in more depth in Foundations of Our Faith and Calling, the public account of our faith which describes the tenets and orders common to all our communities.)

Do you welcome visitors at the Bruderhof?
What does Bruderhof mean?
What is the point of living in community?
What is “community of goods”?
Sorry, what’s Anabaptism?
Do Bruderhof members get involved in their neighborhoods?
Why do you dress differently?
Is there room for individuality at the Bruderhof?
Who can become a Bruderhof member?
What denomination is the Bruderhof?
Do Bruderhof young people go to college or university?
What is the role of women at the Bruderhof?
What does the Bruderhof believe about non-violence and war?
Do children who grow up on the Bruderhof always become members?
Are Bruderhof members religious?
Is living in community or at the Bruderhof the only way to follow Jesus?
What do you mean by “radical Christianity”?
Is the Bruderhof similar to the Amish or Hutterites?
How do you live without money at the Bruderhof?
Do you ever have fun at the Bruderhof?
How do you observe special occasions at the Bruderhof?
Does the Bruderhof have any dietary restrictions?
How are the sick, elderly, and dying cared for at the Bruderhof?