Bruderhof Outreach

Advancing God’s kingdom here on earth demands we put love of God and love of neighbor into practice. The Bruderhof strives for a life dedicated to service, doing the works of mercy demanded by Christ: giving food to the hungry and water to the thirsty, welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked, giving alms to the poor, and visiting the sick and those in prison. We stand with the mistreated, the voiceless, and the oppressed.

Bruderhof young people help with trail maintenance at a local rail trail

Our outreach takes many forms. In seeking to fulfill Christ’s calling, we work with others of goodwill, regardless of their faith or affiliation. We support the works of global nonprofits addressing high-profile crises, yet we also labor side by side with town neighbors to re-roof a local food bank, tutor children, or visit with senior citizens. It is by no means our task to solve all the problems of the day. But we must do what we can.