Bruderhof Connections

We believe that living in community as the early disciples did is the best way we can proclaim the message of Christ. But ours is not the only path. We recognize Christ’s power to work through all people, regardless of their creed or walk in life. Since the Bruderhof’s founding, we have enjoyed close relationships of learning and mutual support with a variety of other Christian churches and organizations as well as other faith traditions.

In addition to encouraging visits to our communities, whenever possible we send members out to connect with others, often to places far from where we live. In practical terms, this means visiting or living with individuals, families, or communities who want someone from the Bruderhof to stay with them. Some visits may last a few days or weeks, others much longer. We don’t strive to do social work nor do we proselytize; rather, we look for common ground with others, and we seek to build lasting relationships.

 Young Bruderhof woman holding a baby and talking with friends

Following the example of Christ himself, the Apostle Paul sought contact with a wide range of people: Jews, God-fearing Gentiles, intellectuals and statesmen. The Apostle Peter was led to people who were deemed “unclean” by the Jewish Christians of his day and yet who were chosen by God. As Jesus said, the wind blows where it will, so we are constantly on the lookout for where God’s Spirit is moving. Connecting with seeking people, whoever they happen to be, enables our movement to be stirred by the working of the Spirit and by the dedicated, compassionate service of others.

Those from our communities who are out connecting with people move around quite often, so we don’t have a specific list of where they all are at any one time. But if you want to find out if someone in is in your area, please contact us and we’ll let you know.

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