Resource Office

Established in 2008, the primary purpose of the Resource Office has been to provide transitional support for young people who grew  up on our communities and have decided to head out on their own to pursue a different path. This support takes different forms, and currently includes:

  • Startup costs, help finding work and accommodations, and assistance with personal expenses for those pursuing career technical trainings or undergraduate studies;
  • Practical advice on matters such as college applications, tax filings, and health insurance; and
  • Gap financing and other interim help for specific, immediate needs that may arise.

On a case by case basis, the Resource Office will also consider similar requests for assistance, made in good faith, from people who lived with us in the past.

Contact the Resource Office
Email | 800-325-8849 USA | 585-362-4551 International
101 Woodcrest Drive, Rifton NY 12471