Not Just Coasting

Valerie tells about her visit to the Fox Hill Bruderhof

Video transcript:

I’m Valerie. I am 25 years old, and I grew up in Wisconsin. For the past four months I’ve been traveling through the country, through the WUF Program, working on farms as I go along.

I heard about the Bruderhof through YouTube. Some of the videos that some young woman had done caught my eye. I don’t know how it came up in suggestions, but I was impressed by just hearing this young woman talking about things that mattered.

I visited because I have been interested in community, and I’m trying to learn ways to cultivate community within believers. In churches that I’ve visited I’ve found a lack of connection, a lack of brotherly love, of family, and of people caring for the needy within the church, or otherwise. It sounded like there was something special here.

I probably was surprised most by seeing the intentionality so many people have here. It’s not just people coasting along doing the Christian thing or community life like it’s been done hundreds and hundreds of years. Instead, people are actively trying to discern what the best use of their time is here on Earth or in the community, and ways to share Christ’s love to others.

It’s neat to get a glimpse of what I think community among Christians should be like, and to see it happening to some extent here is really exciting.

There’s this willingness that I think the whole larger Christian community can really learn from to be have the mindset that any time my life could be asked to change if it’s God’s will, the mindset that I need to just leave what I’ve found to be comfortable, the place, the home I’m in, and just be ready to relocate, to be used by God in a different way. It is neat to see how that’s cultivated in the Bruderhof.

Life here is an endless opportunity to find connection with others and to build that support. So yes, do visit.

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