The Happy Morning

August 17, 2021 by

Do you remember a morning like this when you were a child?

A morning when the day was still young and sunshine – a precious thing in Northern Ireland where I grew up – flooded the earth with light, making all seem well with the world.

How joyous and free is a child’s heart on such a morning, when the earth has been cleansed by the dew and all is fresh, familiar yet new. This morning is full of goodness. The child is aware, without knowing it, of the touch of Him who made creatures and children and mornings. He feels how all that is good is one, and he is not separate. He is as ready as a young colt to spring forth and explore it!

Now that we’re older, we seldom experience such mornings; they mostly fled away with childhood. Yet their memory strengthens us through life.

THMEmbedThis collage was originally made for our youngest children, using cut paper and wax crayon rubbings under food color. It's currently displayed in the workshop at Platte Clove community where many of us work every day.


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Pauline Harrison

Pauline Harrison

Pauline Harrison lives with her husband Mark at Platte Clove.

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