Armidale Community • Armidale, NSW

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155 Kentucky St.
Armidale NSW 2350

Established: 2005

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About Us:
We are a small Bruderhof settlement created to sustain our students attending the University of New England in Armidale, Australia. Armidale is about two hours south of Danthonia and Inverell, the Bruderhof’s two other Australian settlements.

The Bruderhof owns two houses on a main residential street in the town of Armidale (population: twenty-five thousand), located about halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. The university, with an enrollment of eighteen thousand, attracts students from more than fifty countries, making life in this country town a unique, international experience. The town is a vibrant cultural center with frequent musical and theater performances and farmers’ markets boasting local wines, cheeses, and fruits. Surrounding the town are dramatic gorges, excellent for camping and bushwalking. Small farming communities dot the rolling countryside and produce wine, beef, mutton, and wool.

Connecting with Neighbors:
Having so many international students on campus is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn and serve. Some students come from countries where they were persecuted for their religious beliefs, while others struggle to integrate into Australian university culture. There are many opportunities to form strong friendships, teach English, and gain an understanding of another’s deeply held cultural and religious beliefs. Many of our international friends miss the close-knit communities in their home countries. When they share a meal or fellowship with us, they regain a sense of closeness and support which transcends cultural differences. Often, we bring our friends – both international and Australian – up to Danthonia for longer visits. In addition to our involvement in campus life, our student members attend to older residents in the town, visiting and helping out with household chores.

Point of Interest:
As Australia’s highest city, Armidale is renowned for its four distinct seasons and brilliant autumn foliage – a rarity in Australia!

Residents’ Voices:
Several current residents describe life at Armidale Community:

JoAnn, a member of the Bruderhof, an intentional Christian community

JoAnn: I moved to Armidale to commence an early childhood and primary teaching degree at the University of New England. Because class time does not allow much time for “off topic” discussions, such as “why do you wear clothes like that” or “what do you actually believe,” I often simply bring my friends home. Home is a small group of young people and families living together in an intentional Christian community. We share our meals, money, and a faith in Jesus. We also like to share with anyone who will join us; sometimes we’ll have up to fifteen or twenty people for lunch or dinner. These meals offer places for discussion (on the “off topic” issues), laughter, singing, games, and most importantly, community with other people.

Johannes, who's a member of the Bruderhof, a Christ-centered intentional community

Johannes: Armidale is a small university city of around twenty-four thousand people located on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales. The Bruderhof has two houses here that serve as home base for students living together and studying at the University of New England. My wife, Anne, and I are house parents. The city is beautiful, notable for its many deciduous trees in a country dominated by eucalypts. Armidale is quite multicultural for rural Australia, with people from over thirty countries, many of whom are students. On Tuesday evenings we host a Bible study attended by friends of our university students and others from around town, which is always a great evening of fellowship and sharing the joys of communal living.