Holzland Community • Bad Klosterlausnitz, Thuringia

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Talweg 18 / Grafe Haus
07639 Bad Klosterlausnitz
Tel: 036601 922988
Email:  holzland@bruderhof.com

Established: 2004

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About Us:
Our small group of Bruderhof members is made up mostly of students from our other communities, here studying traditional trades or at local universities. Some of us do manual work, while others work on the German content for the Bruderhof’s publishing house, Plough.

Our settlement is situated at the end of a residential street on the edge of the village of Bad Klosterlausnitz, which is about equidistant from Frankfurt and Berlin along a major autobahn exchange. Holzland is a community house with several outbuildings and a garden. The surrounding area is rolling farmland (barley crops for German beer!) interspersed with beech and pine forest. The state of Thuringia is the heart of historic Germany and the home to historic “greats,” such as Bach, Schiller, Goethe, Leibniz, and Luther.

Connecting with Neighbors:
Small village life in Bad Klosterlausnitz allows us to interact regularly with retirees, the local men’s choir, the fire department, and the daycare center. You’ll often see us at area events, such as the Christmas market, wine festival, and Maypole festival.

Point of Interest:
The house, located in the former East Zone, was built in the 1960s by a youth group of the local free evangelical church. Communist authorities constantly spied on the pastor and his congregation, and the church survived only because of support from West German churches, which made donations over many years.

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