Villa Primavera Community • Barrio Mariscal Estigarribia, Asunción

About us:
We founded this small community in 2010 as a way to re-connect with the twenty years the Bruderhof movement was based in Paraguay, between 1941 and 1961. Today, we are a small group of families and singles, about 20 people in all. We earn our living by teaching English as a second language, and caring for children in our daycare. We have also established a small maintenance business.

As a part of our mission here, we built a church, Casa de Cristo, where we hold meetings twice a week that are open to the public. On Sundays, there is a morning meeting. One of the brothers brings a message from the Bible, which is followed by a time of reflection in which all take part. On Tuesdays, we meet in the evenings to sing songs of praise and then share a delicious dinner. Throughout the year, we celebrate the important religious festivals of Easter and Christmas, as well as other special occasions like birthdays, baptisms, weddings, etc. Whatever faith you profess or don’t profess, you are welcome to participate.

Connecting with Neighbors:
As well as the open meetings and the daily interaction with the Paraguayan people, we look for ways to help out around us. Service to others is a key part of our life. Sometimes it means visiting people in the hospital. At other times, a young woman may donate her time at a soup kitchen that provides a daily lunch to children from one of the city’s slums. Or a young man may hold a volunteer position in a social organization. Whenever we hear of a need in our neighborhood, we look for a way to support, be it with a visit or some practical assistance.

Point of interest:
As well as studying and speaking Spanish and Guaraní (our country’s two official languages), we are adapting to Paraguay through the food and other customs. Paraguayan social culture has several iconic traditions, but asado and tereré are not-to-miss. A great way to spend time with others is around the asado grill, sipping a tereré infusion, waiting for the meat to be perfectly done and ready to eat.

Contact Information

Villa Primavera
6035 Waldino Ramon Lovera
Mariscal Estigarribia
Tel: 021 608 938

Established: 2010

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