Peckham Community • Lewisham, London

About us:
In August 2016, our small community moved from east London to Peckham in south-east London. We currently consist of two families and ten singles who attend universities and work in London.

We are conveniently located between three train stations that serve central London. The garden behind our three adjoining houses is perfect for barbeques with neighbours and relaxing after a day of work or study. The small roof terrace makes a good place for singing together in the evening and we enjoy the local parks for walks, games, and making new friends.

Connecting with Neighbours:
Our neighbourhood is very welcoming. We are finding opportunities to join in with other churches and organisations including the Salvation Army, London City Mission, XLP, Southwark Street Pastors, and Ascension Trust. Our garden and spacious dining room lend themselves to hosting events and gatherings.

Anyone is welcome to join our Sunday morning service at 9:30 a.m. – you’re welcome to join us for breakfast first at 8:30, just ring to let us know you are coming.

Book Garage and Book Club:
Our garage-front book room featuring publications from Plough is open Monday–Sunday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Plough's titles span a wide variety of current issues, as well as devotionals and even some poetry. Whether you’re frustrated, looking for encouragement, or simply interested in some quality literature, these books are for you. Plough offers a refreshing perspective on some of life’s toughest questions, from forgiveness and healing to social justice and living in community.

We have a book club every Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m., where we read and discuss books together. You can join us for dinner first at 6:30 if you would like.

Point of Interest:
The property was built as a Victorian jam factory and its chimney is still a local landmark. Peckham is known for its multinational population and its many artists.

Meet some of the people who live at Peckham:


Marcella: I recently moved to Peckham House, a Christian community in southeast London. I am twenty years old and study history and comparative literature at Queen Mary University of London. Most of the day I am at university but I volunteer twice a week at a local primary school and really enjoy interacting with children as a break from the cerebral intensity of university life. Our community is different from most Bruderhof locations because there are only sixteen of us living together here: nine university students and two families. During the day we are scattered all over the city – sometimes more than an hour’s drive apart – so a highlight of the day is sharing dinner together and exchanging stories about our encounters. For me, the best aspect of living together in this city is interacting with so many people from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

Curtis Meier

Curtis: My wife, Francisca, and I live at Peckham House, a small intentional community. It’s our first home together, a memorable experience for any newlyweds, and we have the added enjoyment of sharing it with university students. The cultural melting pot of this London borough includes a large Caribbean influence that mellows the vibrant African and mannerly English populations. As we come into contact daily with those begging at railway stations and pedestrian crossings, we are learning to live more compassionate lives. After a day of garden landscaping in central London, I walk my wife home from the day care where she works as a teacher. It’s a time to debrief from our sometimes hectic day and remind each other why we’re here: to live out Christian community as Jesus outlined in the Sermon on the Mount and to shine his light into a dim world.

Contact Information

Peckham House
73 Lausanne Road
London SE15 2HY
United Kingdom
Tel: 0207 277 7521

Established: 2016

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