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Durham House
821 Clarendon St
Durham, NC 27705
United States
Tel: 984-484-0934
Email:  durham@bruderhof.com

Established: 2015

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About Us:
In 2015, we started this small church plant as a way to reach the thousands of students and families living in this vibrant part of North Carolina. We currently consist of two married couples and two single young adults who attend universities or work in the area.

We are located in the Trinity Heights neighborhood of Durham. Our yard is perfect for barbecues with neighbors and playing corn hole on the weekends. The front porch makes a good place for singing together in the evening and we enjoy the local parks for walks, games, and making new friends. We have an open dining room and sitting area which is perfect for hosting group events.

Connecting with Neighbors:
Our neighbors have welcomed us and invited us to their homes and churches. We are quickly finding opportunities to join in with other churches and organizations, especially Duke Chapel and the nearby Reality Ministries. Every Saturday, as part of our Acts2 ministry, we host an open evening for young people including students of Duke University and Divinity School. We play outdoor and indoor games, enjoy a home-cooked meal and singing, and share talk and discussions.

Acts 2 at Duke:
Since the fall of 2017, we’ve operated as an official campus ministry at Duke University. We welcome anyone who is seeking to find genuine purpose for their life, and we find practical ways to love each other and our neighbors. Visit the Acts 2 at Duke website for more information.

Point of Interest:
Our neighborhood took its name from Trinity College, now the East Campus of Duke University.

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