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About Us:
Fox Hill is similar to other large Bruderhof settlements, made up of a lively mix of families and singles, young and old, who live, work, and worship together. Bruderhof children attend our elementary school, and adults work within the settlement, including a workshop for Community Playthings. Plough Publishing House is also run from here and we sell hand-crafted wood products.

Located about seventy-five miles north of New York City near the village of Walden, Fox Hill is set among rolling fields that used to be horse and dairy farms. The sprawling property has two small lakes, low areas, and high lookouts with expansive views of the Hudson Highlands to the east; to the west we can see the Catskill Mountains and Shawangunk Ridge. On the property you’ll see several apartment buildings and communal buildings, such as the dining hall, the laundry, the elementary school, and the Community Playthings workshop. Roads made of paving bricks connect the residences and other buildings. We do a lot of walking!

Connecting with Neighbors:
Though we are in a relatively secluded setting, our proximity to the village of Walden encourages active participation in village life, where we attend local festivals, farmers markets, and holiday parades. We help out at food pantries and with the Meals on Wheels run by Orange County Office for the Aging. We join with area churches for interfaith services and work projects. Many local elementary schools visit us during maple sugaring season. And Fox Hill hosts seasonal events open to the public, such as Christmas caroling and a fall barbeque. As always, visitors are welcome at our Saturday night communal dinners for friendship and conversation.

Point of Interest:
Part of our property is used for raising cows, and Fox Hill provides the beef for all the New York Bruderhof locations.

Meet some of the people who live at the Fox Hill Bruderhof:

Royce  Judith Durgin

Royce and Judith: We’re Royce and Judith Durgin, glad to be part of the Fox Hill community for the last two years. This sprawling farm with beautiful fields and wide horizons will always feel like home. It’s where we were married and given our beautiful little daughter, Sylvia. Judith teaches second grade, and I work on our Community Playthings design team, making outdoor play equipment for schools and daycares. We love all things outdoors – hiking, birding, fishing, beekeeping, and hunting – and are happy to be in a place where nature is part of daily life. For us the most important part of life in an intentional Christian community is that our work and energy is for more than just ourselves. We try to keep our main focus on serving those around us and living as Jesus has called us to.

JaeHyung Jeong

JaeHyung: Hi, every one! My name is JaeHyung Jeong from South Korea. I live at Fox Hill Bruderhof in New York State. Fox Hill looks like a small village, with everything from a school, to a healthcare facility, to barns, a farm, and a large communal garden. We have our own business called Community Playthings where I work Monday through Friday. On the weekend, I love to work in the black currant and blueberry patches with my four boys, ages six to thirteen. We work there a couple hours and then have fun playing in the nearby woods. In September 2020, my wife and I welcomed a baby girl to our family. Her birth was the most special experience of my life. Our first daughter!

Ah! I shouldn’t forget to tell you this: I appreciate the brick paths around Fox Hill that run between buildings and houses. It is so nice to walk on them barefoot when the weather is warm enough. Come visit us! We will work together, weed together, and talk about life together. Of course, we will eat some Korean food together!

Tom  Sue Quinta

Tom: Hi! I’m Tom Quinta, navigating through my eighty-third year on this planet, forty–three of which I, with my wife of fifty–three years, have been a member of our Christian community. We first visited over fifty years ago in our search for a committed spiritual life in what we thought of as a “family monastery.” When we joined nine years later, we agreed to go wherever we are needed and do what needs to be done.

Since joining, we have had the opportunity to travel and work in several US states and other countries: the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Nigeria, Australia, Scotland, and Ireland. In the fall of 2020, after fifteen years in the United Kingdom we were happily surprised to be asked by our church to move to Fox Hill in Walden, New York, so that we could be near our family – our children and grandchildren. The move also offered the chance to reconnect with many whom we have known over the years.

Fox Hill is a beautiful place, with rolling hills, pastures, woods, lakes and ponds. Interspersed among the trees are many buildings for homes, work departments, and communal activities. We know that members of Fox Hill have many friends in the area that we have been unable to meet because of Covid19 – but there was a very memorable evening this winter when my wife and I were asked to dress as Mr. and Mrs. Santa and greet the many local friends that came to our Christmas "drive-through." Visitors could roll past live nativity scenes – shepherds around a campfire, a choir, three kings, and a manger scene. We especially hope someday to meet some of you who are reading this little ramble!

Jennifer Zimmerman

Jennifer: Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am currently living at Fox Hill, an intentional Christian community in Walden New York. I was raised at Woodcrest, a Bruderhof in Rifton New York. When I was thirteen my beloved mother was diagnosed with a rare colon cancer, and passed away eighteen months later despite surgery and chemo regimens. I could never have made it through without the support of our church and my amazing family, especially my dad. Eventually, God led my dad to remarry and later we were blessed still further with Jacob, our baby brother, who has brought nothing but sunshine and smiles to each of us.

Following high school, I took a gap year, the better part of which I spent in Australia before returning to NY to start studying to become an RN. In April 2020, a local nursing home reached out to our communities for help due to the rapidly spreading COVID cases and a lack of staff. I jumped at the opportunity. It was an unforgettable experience, and from under layers of PPE and surrounded by death and despair, it felt at times like living a nightmare. Although difficult, it was a privilege when there was time to comfort some of these suffering people in their last hours in the stead of family and loved ones.

I see my work as a nurse to be a calling and vocation, not just a career choice. As a member of the Bruderhof, I am fortunate that this can be a reality, where the most vulnerable; the children, elderly, and those with disabilities or illness, are treasured and cared for and respected as Jesus showed us through his example. My prayer is that many more people can join us in serving God and likewise experience the incredible blessings he gives when we commit our lives completely to him.

Mollie Voll

Mollie: Hi, I’m Mollie. I see you’ve discovered Fox Hill community here in New York where my husband and I live, along with roughly fifty other families and singles. As of 2021, our four adult kids no longer live at home. I miss them! Luckily we see them fairly often.

Nursing has always been my passion. Prior to moving here eight years ago, I worked in our church community family practice clinics here in New York and England. Currently, however, my work is on the production floor at our Community Playthings factory. Never did I imagine I would enjoy it so much. I’ve learned a great deal from brothers and sisters who are skilled at wood and metal work. Working in the factory also led me to an unexpected interest: small engine repair. Now Kohler engines are no longer a mystery to me – who would have thought! Without the teaching and encouragement of my coworkers I certainly wouldn’t have attempted to get involved in mechanics! Boat restoration is another new, if unlikely, passion. Most recently though, I’ve enjoyed dipping back into healthcare as a volunteer vaccinator at a county-run clinic for COVID-19 vaccine administration. Orange County’s health coordinators have done a great job sorting out logistics, and many from our community have volunteered with them.

So that’s a bit of who I am. I’d love to meet you too, and learn what you feel is important and inspires you to build connection and encouragement in our post-COVID world. Coffee at my house!

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Fox Hill
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Established: 1999

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