Maple Ridge Community • Ulster Park, NY

Although COVID has limited our outreach efforts, we’re doing what we can safely and look forward to when we can pick up full steam where we left off.

About Us:
Ours is the second Bruderhof settlement established in New York State, just five miles away from our Woodcrest location. We are a large, interdependent community made up of families and singles of all ages. The Community Playthings business is based here, and our members work in the workshop in addition to their other duties.

Easily accessible from Interstate 87, Maple Ridge is located in the Hudson Valley halfway between New York City and Albany, just a couple miles west of the Hudson River and the Esopus Meadow Preserve. Our property, which includes an old apple orchard and former lodge, sits at the base of the three-hundred-foot-high Hussey Hill, from which we can view the majestic Hudson River. Our settlement also has several residential apartment buildings, an elementary school, a dining hall, and a workshop. A garden and greenhouse provide the Maple Ridge members with fresh produce year-round.

Connecting with Neighbors:

It’s important for us that our children be involved in interacting with our neighbors. Several times a year, the kids will help host public school groups that visit Maple Ridge to enjoy maple sugaring, horse-cart rides, local wildlife, our sports fields, the stream, and the nature preserve. Children are also involved in our work with local soup kitchens, helping to prepare and serve produce from our farm. Adult Bruderhof members have an active ministry at the Ulster County jail, visiting inmates, listening, and offering hope. Throughout the year we invite friends and neighbors to join us for Saturday dinners or longer visits, and we participate in bigger community events, such as the annual Messiah Sing-In held at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Kingston.

Point of Interest:
On our property we have a 1840s house, which has been renovated by our high school students. In the old days, Wild Flower Lane was the name of a thoroughfare that passed by the house. African American abolitionist and orator Sojourner Truth, who was born and spent much of her life in this area, would have traveled back and forth along this thoroughfare in the early 1800s.

Meet some of the people who live at Maple Ridge:

Johann Barth

Johann: I have lived at Maple Ridge for going on three years now. I was married here a year ago and I’m happy to say that at twenty-six years old, I have finally caught up to my age! When I’m not milking our two cows or engaging in other barnyard activities, I help steward the community’s finances, look after our fleet of vehicles, and help people arrange their travel. My work keeps me busy, but more important than that to me is my faith in Jesus, and the work of communal living. And I am lucky to have a job that brings me into daily contact with and allows me to serve many of the other members of this intentional community. Being a farmer, butcher, and hunter at heart, I enjoy this rural location and I feel truly blessed to be a part of this wonderful community.

Sabine Mow

Sabine: I’m thirty-nine years old and live with my husband, Clarence, and our three children at Maple Ridge, a Christian community in Ulster Park, NY. I work as a registered nurse in our family-practice clinic. Because Maple Ridge has several medical professionals among its 320 or so residents, most medical care can happen right here. Maple Ridge is in the heart of Hudson Valley apple country and as the name implies, we have a beautiful mountain ridge that rises to the west of the community, which is fantastic for hikes and enjoying views of the Hudson River just a couple miles to the east. Come visit us! We love meeting new people and making new friends.

Simon, a member of the Bruderhof, a Christ-centered intentional community in upstate NY

Simon: I am Simon Mercer, married to Jeanie, and we have a daughter, a son-in-law, and two amazing grandchildren. I am a bit younger than Vladimir Putin and also like to take freezing dips in winter ponds to celebrate Epiphany. I have lived at Maple Ridge for about twenty years but with forays to Oregon, Sudan, Guatemala, Germany, Bolivia, Paraguay, and nearly a year in Harlem, NY, it doesn’t seem that long. Maple Ridge is like a large village with beautiful mountains around. Deer and bear are not far away and there are plenty of chances to hike, garden, or play football. I also enjoy landscaping, creative writing, and chatting with neighbors.

Olgi Martin

Olgi: I live at Maple Ridge, a Christian community in the Hudson Valley of New York. I recently turned eighty-one years old and it took me several months to recover from the week of celebrations! I never married but have many adopted grandchildren from all the families that I have lived with. I love the surrounding countryside: at the back of our property we have a ridge that I loved to climb when I was younger. Now I stay closer to home but still enjoy watching the changing colors of the maple trees that our community is named for. I love to attend social gatherings here at our community: visiting with old and new friends over a glass of Merlot is something I do regularly, and although I am the only person from my direct family living in this intentional community, I am never alone.

Contact Information

Maple Ridge
10 Hellbrook Lane
Ulster Park, NY 12487
United States
Tel: 845-339-6680

Established: 1985

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