Parkview Community • Albany, NY

About Us:
The population at our Parkview location includes families and children, as well as a number of young people attending Capital Region universities and Albany Medical College. In addition to Albany Med, St. Peter’s Hospital is nearby, and both hospitals are used by Bruderhof members from other New York locations. Parkview is able to provide housing and support for patients and patients’ families. Several Parkview members work jobs in Albany to help support the community.

We live in two houses at the end of a residential street in the state capital of Albany. We are located just a mile from the capitol building, New York State Museum, and Rockefeller Plaza. Though our neighborhood is urban, our property is on the edge of 136-acre Washington Park and just steps from Washington Park Lake.

Connecting with Neighbors:
At our location, we host many of our members’ classmates for evening dinners, graduation celebrations, or just an afternoon of fellowship. We enjoy volunteering locally. We support police officers with food and drink during park events, volunteer at children’s events sponsored by the community center, and help with fundraising for our area food bank. In addition to visiting patients in the local hospitals, Parkview members volunteer weekly in the Ronald McDonald family room on the pediatric floor of Albany Med.

Tuesday Evening Bible Study:
Join us each Tuesday at 7 p.m. for dinner and a Bible study. We've been meeting with a vibrant group of seekers for several years now; come join in! Please call us at (518) 462-0810 for more information.

Point of Interest:
Both houses on our property, dating to the late 1800s, were designed by ecclesiastical architect Robert W. Gibson, who also designed the English Gothic–style All Saints Cathedral in Albany.

Meet some of the people who live at Parkview Bruderhof:


David: Hi, I’m David Rhoads. I’m a resident of the Parkview community and an Accounting major at Siena College. City life is a new experience for me! I grew up in a rural community and moved to Parkview to attend college in Loundenville, New York, just outside of Albany. At first I didn’t know what to expect.

It turns out, Albany is full of awesome people from all sorts of religious, ethnic, and national backgrounds. It amazes me that such a small city could house such a rich and diverse collection of people. Similarly, our community is quite diverse. Parkview houses college students, families, singles, and older people. Oh, and there’s Arlo’s chickens. Thanks to the benevolence of the City Council, we have a flock of happy hens, and they lay eggs like crazy. They bring joy to our lives, and food to our table.

When I’m not busy with school or helping out around the house, I like to listen to music, play guitar, read books, and hike. Since Albany is close to the beautiful Adirondack Park, we occasionally take a day off to climb one of the park’s many peaks. There are a lot of attractions right here in Albany too. So far my favorite has been the Capital Holiday Lights, a drive-through light show that takes place in the park adjacent to our house. As the name would suggest, it’s a seasonal attraction. For the month surrounding Christmas, Washington Park is transformed into a glittering wonderland of brightly colored snowmen, reindeer, and dancing lights.


Simon and Jeanie: Hi! I’m Jeanie and my husband, Simon, and I live at Parkview Community. It’s kind of strange that Simon and I keep landing in city communities – first Harlem, now Albany, New York. We haven’t been here long, and we still sometimes scratch our heads and wonder what we’re doing in the middle of the state capitol – he’s a fruit orchardist and a botanist; I grew up “in the sticks” in the mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania, milking cows and goats, riding bareback, and playing soccer barefoot with my friends. Neither of us had much use for city life.

But we’ve found that Christian community works wherever “two or three are gathered in my name,” as Jesus put it. We’ve discovered one huge advantage to a community located in the city – you meet someone every time you step out your front door. Simon is really good at talking to anybody. The other day on a trail he said to a group of complete strangers, “Wow, that’s good to see you here – who would have thought, after all these years!” A great laugh and good conversation followed, as (I’ve learned over my thirty years with Simon) it so often does if you manage to make that first connection. And an added bonus is that the garden here in Parkview gives us plenty of work to keep our hands in the soil.


Alan: Hi! My name is Alan Koppschall, and I live at the Parkview Bruderhof. Parkview is a small city community in central Albany, New York. We have a few families and several college students. I attend Siena College, a small liberal arts school just north of Albany, studying writing, philosophy, and journalism. I also like the outdoors. At Parkview we have a small vegetable garden, which I sometimes dig my hands into. Great hiking locations surround New York’s capital district, so our small youth group often frequents the Adirondack State Park and the Green Mountains of Vermont. I work as a youth soccer coach and referee, helping strengthen the already large soccer culture in Albany. I enjoy teaching the “beautiful game” to the kids I coach. Albany is a sanctuary city, meaning that it takes in hundreds of refugees and immigrants every year. In my free time, I volunteer with a charity that helps to introduce each family or single person that arrives (mainly from the Middle East) to American life. We set up a home for them before they arrive and assist them in applying for benefits, acquiring a driver’s license, and getting a job, among many other things. As you can see, we love welcoming people to Albany! So if you’re ever in the area, stop by and we’ll make you feel at home.

Contact Information

7 Englewood Place
Albany, NY 12203
United States
Tel: 518-462-0810

Established: 2006

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