Platte Clove Community • Elka Park, NY

Although COVID has limited our outreach efforts, we’re doing what we can safely and look forward to when we can pick up full steam where we left off.

About Us: The huge building that seems to dominate our community was once a resort hotel built by the New York Police Department in 1921 as a “Police Recreation Center.” Although many former police officers may remember the bar, casino, and ballroom that closed in 1983, the building is completely transformed. In the mornings the halls are filled with the scent of frying eggs and the sounds of children and alarm clocks. When using the stairs, you might have to stand aside for a parent with a pile of dirty clothes heading down to the communal laundry, or a child with a bin of empty containers and soda cans on their way to the recycling center.

Setting: Kaaterskill Falls and the Platte Clove gorge are right below us. On summer Sundays some of us cool our feet in the frothing clear streams, stand under the waterfalls, and bask in the green sunlight filtering through the fir trees. Around our houses we see a range of peaks including Hunter, the popular skiing destination. The mountains display dazzling colors in fall and many of them are within hiking distance from our front doors. We also have our own lake stocked with trout that provide a pair of bald eagles with daily lunch.

Connecting with Neighbors: As soon as we possibly can, we will restart our traditional open Saturday dinners. Anyone is welcome to attend at no cost. The young men and women at Platte Clove enjoy working together all afternoon to prepare a festive and delicious meal. We also love visiting nursing homes – singing and talking with the residents, and attending all the local events we can. Our extra vegetables go to the food pantry and Leon Page loves to take his children there to help serve meals.

Points of Interest: Rip Van Winkle was wandering in the mountains right around here when he encountered some ghosts with a really effective soporific. Although we can assure you both Rip and the spooks are now resting in peace, Rip’s fame lives on as local bridges, country clubs, ranches and breweries have been named for him. Also those who remember the summer of ’69 will be glad to know that Woodstock, as always filled with peace and love, and now with unique businesses and art galleries as well, is just twenty minutes down the road.

Meet some of the people who live at Platte Clove:

CarolynMy seven grandchildren and their friends call me Nonna – I am Italian American. My husband, Jim, and I live here at Platte Clove, a Christian community in upstate NY. Of course, living in the mountains has its challenges (namely that the winters are really cold) but it is a beautiful place: the stars at night are stunning and we even have a pair of bald eagles who return each year to nest near our lake. Even though our intentional community is in a rural area, outreach is important to us. I’ve found that it’s easy to meet and talk to our neighbors just by walking down the road. Many of them join us for Saturday supper, and some of us from Platte Clove join the town book club on a regular basis. The local elementary school often interacts with our children; students visit our community regularly with their parents for maple sugaring, or Craft ’n’ Cocoa Days around Christmas.


Rowan: I am 22 and live at the Platte Clove Community in the Catskill Mountains of upstate NY. I’ve been here for almost a year and a half now and am learning techniques of surviving harsh winters (I’ve seen two now). Nonetheless, it is a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and best of all, a gorgeous lake. I spend my days in our community kitchen with several other people, preparing meals for the residents of our intentional community. It’s a lot of hard work, but is also fun and fulfilling. Though our location sometimes seems far from civilization, there’s still opportunity to care for the folks here as well as invite neighbors up for a meal or event.

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Platte Clove
2255 Platte Clove Rd.
Elka Park, NY 12427
United States
Tel: 518-589-5103

Established: 1990

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