Our Journey

Founded nearly a century ago in the small German village of Sannerz, the Bruderhof movement has been shaped and propelled in part by the political and social events of the Western world. Despite inter-continental migrations and many challenges and changes, we recognize clearly God’s protection and guidance over the years since our beginnings in 1920. Click through the timeline below to see a historical overview of the Bruderhof, from its conception through to the present. 

To learn more about the history of the Bruderhof, read this article by Charles E. Moore, published in Christian History Magazine.

Books about Bruderhof History

book cover of A Joyful Pilgrimage Book

A Joyful Pilgrimage

Emmy Arnold's account of the beginning of the Bruderhof Get the book

book cover of An Embassy Besieged Book

An Embassy Besieged

An account of the Bruderhof's experience in Nazi Germany Get the book

book cover of No Lasting Home Book

No Lasting Home

The story of the Bruderhof's journey to Paraguay and the first years in the jungle Get the book

book cover of Against the Wind Book

Against the Wind

Markus Baum's biography of Eberhard Arnold Get the book

book cover of Anni Book


The Letters and Writings of Annemarie Wächter Get the book

book cover of Homage to a Broken Man Book

Homage to a Broken Man

The life of J. Heinrich Arnold Get the book