In recent years, fellow Christians in Austria have encouraged us to start a community there. After careful consideration, we feel called to respond to this invitation, 400 years after the expulsion of the original Anabaptist communities from Austria.

With the help of many friends from the Catholic Church and free church movement, things have moved forward with unexpected speed. In light of the Anabaptist spiritual heritage shared by the Bruderhof and Mennonite communities worldwide, it is a particular gift that we have found a place in Austria's church landscape through cooperation with the Free Churches in Austria, and especially the Mennonite Free Church in Austria.

The practical aspects are rapidly falling into place, so we started a small community in Retz (in Lower Austria, north of Vienna) in Summer 2019. We are confident that God will show us the next steps in our task in Austria. We look forward to you visiting us!

To earn our living, we have started an intensive market garden, growing vegetables for supermarkets and restaurants as well as directly to consumers with a seasonal vegetable box subscription program. Following the principles of regenerative agriculture, and using innovative "No Dig" methods, we go beyond simple "sustainability" and "organics" to regenerate soil fertility and biodiversity, increase soil water storage capacity, and improve the nutritional content of the produce we grow. This business is a perfect fit for the agricultural region in which we live, and is helping us forge great friendships with our neighbors and fellow farmers. For more information, visit

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Retzerstraße 58
2070 Unternalb

Established: 2019

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