Bayboro Community • St. Petersburg, FL

About Us:
We are a small, relatively new community – a mix of families with small children, singles, and college students – in an urban coastal neighborhood on Tampa Bay. We founded this location at a time when we were seeking different expressions of communal living, and being in the South and on the coast is a new experience for us. The students living with us attend various area schools, including the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg; St. Petersburg College; and Pinellas Technical College.

We have a large waterfront house that serves as our main accommodation and gathering space. Built in 1905, it features deep porches where we can sit and look at the bay. The lot, which is flat and has beautiful tropical landscaping, has six other smaller buildings. Though our house is on the coast, we are very much a part of our wider urban community.

Connecting with Neighbors:
Friends and neighbors often drop by for visits throughout the week. Each month we help sponsor a meeting for many of the families in our area to discuss neighborhood issues. We reach out to the diverse faith communities here and have lively discussions about faith and how to put it into practice.

Point of Interest:
We get to see a beautiful sunrise every morning, and we enjoy nearly 365 days of sunshine a year. You’ll often find us boating or kayaking on the bay, and we like to catch our own fish and seafood to eat.

Meet one of the members of the Bayboro Community:


Sarah: “Sunny Florida” is my home, and that’s not just a saying – the sun does shine every day! Here in St. Petersburg Florida, tucked in the Old Southeast Neighborhood, is our group of twenty-five men, women, and children living together in close Christian community. I love teaching the children from the two families here, I love hosting visitors from our communities up north who come down to escape a freezing winter, I love boating and shell-collecting on Tampa Bay (a few yards from our house), but most of all I love the close fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ living for His kingdom right here on this earth!

A typical day for me starts with breakfast on the front porch with some of the other single members of this community, watching the sunrise over Tampa Bay, and waving to the neighbors walking by to enjoy the park, the view, and good exercise. Living in a city, we get plenty of interaction with neighbors (who quickly become friends), local groups, and homeschool families. Living near a park adds beauty into the mix: palm trees, flowers, and the marine life of the bay. It’s a healthy blend of God’s people, God’s nature, and God’s work.


Gilda: Hi, my name is Gilda (pronounced Jilda) and I live here at the Bayboro House, a Christian community in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our location is right on the water in Tampa Bay. It’s an ideal spot to fish, which I love to do and get out as often as I can.
I first came here in 2010 and shortly after arriving I began learning the cleaning business we run here. I did that work for six years and loved it! In 2016 I moved to New York, and then around various Bruderhof communities large and small for the next four years. I had the chance to do many things such as kitchen work, teaching preschoolers, helping in the workshop, and living in a small community like this one in London, England.
In 2020 just before the lockdown I returned to Bayboro, much to my great joy! Once again I was handed the cleaning business, so I have been hard at it since then. We serve residential homes in the area. Through doing this work we have gotten to know many, many people. 
Walking or biking in the neighborhood is something I love doing, being able to interact with people.  It’s great to visit on various porches, including our own, or to share a meal with friends, neighbors and fellow seekers, and discuss all manner of topics.

Contact Information

1719 Beach Dr., S.E.
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
United States
Tel: 727-821-6644

Established: 2006

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