Rondout Community • Kingston, NY

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88 West Chester St. and 100 West Chester St.
Kingston, NY 12401
United States
Tel: 845-331-6281

Established: 2004

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About Us:
Rondout is one of the first “house communities” that the Bruderhof started when we wanted to explore this more urban model of living in Christian community. The small, historic city of Kingston is centrally located to several large Bruderhof settlements, and Rondout has evolved to spearhead our outreach efforts in the Kingston area. We also run a New York State–licensed child care program staffed by Bruderhof members. We care for about a dozen children from Kingston and surrounding towns, as well as children of members living at Rondout.

We have two houses on adjoining lots atop a steep hill on the highest property in Kingston. The main house is a 1906 colonial with a pillared front porch, two side porches, and a widow’s walk that provides great views of Kingston and the Catskill Mountains. The second, smaller house has the childcare facility on the first floor and basement and living quarters on the second floor. The residential lots include a narrow strip of forest, flower and vegetable gardens, and play spaces for the children in the childcare. At the bottom of the neighborhood hill is Rondout Creek, a tributary of the mighty Hudson River.

Connecting with Neighbors:
Our childcare provides a natural setting for outreach through the families we connect with. In addition, we provide time, food, and meals to several organizations, including the People’s Place food pantry and store, the Caring Hands soup kitchen and warming center, Kingston’s Parks and Recreation Department, and the Everette Hodge Center, which provides afterschool care for disadvantaged children. And we often have friends and neighbors over for dinner or other fun events. 

Point of Interest:
Before the Bruderhof took over the property, the main house had had many uses. Originally built as a residence, it has also served as a boys’ home, and a bed and breakfast.

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